How to stream to my TV


is there a way for my QB to stream to my TV ? My TV is an old one and is not “smart” at all.

Here is my setup :
reseau domestique

Here are some more information:

  • Freemi UPNP allows to connect to network drives on MyPC
  • MyPC runs Windows 10 Pro
  • Connection between BT and MyPC should be crypted to prevent HADOPI from snooping on what’s going through
  • I thought of a Samba share but from what I’ve read, it’s too slow. I don’t know much about sshfs

Thanks you in advance for your suggestions, comments and ideas :slight_smile:

you will have to buy a media player (roku, shield tv, apple tv, smart bluray player) and install plex.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. However, I wanted to challenge you, the QB users, to find a solution that could answer my needs.

Anyway, thank you very much @late for your answer, I’ll wait for other propositions or comments :wink:

If that TV Box reads media files… I would think you could just rsync them to a USB stick (is that even possible?). Does the TV Box have some sort of filesystem that you could currently ftp, ssh into etc…?

Oh, reads them from the PC, I see (typing as I am viewing your most awesome graphic!). So, I don’t even know what Freemi is. Ah, connect to network drives on the PC. So there should be no issue if it’s reading from the PC in an assigned directory???

The encryption part I would think could easily be rclone. Install it on the server, install it on Windows 10, even install it on your dog!!!

Then you got the files going to a readable location for your PC to Freemi-mabobber and all is decrypted and well via your rclone on the PC decrypting the files. Then that Freemi-thingy (in theory) would be able to handle playback to your very Basic TV!!!

Post Script

??? :smiley:

Oh and also, no HDMI input/output on the TV/PC? Moar derpage. Of course you do, this is just your setup… ok ok.

Freemi UPNP allows to create in the TV Box filesystem a virtual hard drive, that is actually pointing to my computer:

Well, as I understand it, rClone needs a cloud. And syncs, understand downloads, the files on my computer. Which is what I want to avoid. I’d like to read the files from my seedbox.

As for now, bying a brain for my TV would be the smarter choice :yum:

Like mapping your QuickBox server directly to the Freemi-hurmurnur?

Yeah because Freemi can read network drives content. So it could be like this:

SEEDBOX[cast solution] ==> MyPC[Freemi server] ==> Basic TV[Freemi client]

You could go the raspberry way. For 30€ you’ll get the link between your box and your TV.

My setup is :slight_smile:

Emby on the seedbox —> Raspberry 3 (with Librelec) —> TV.

You could also link your freebox files in the raspberry so you got all movies/series on the same spot.

Emby addon for Raspberry is really easy to install and will take care of everything for you.

And Plex with Dlna ?!

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Also work but be carefull, DLNA sends packets to the local network and some seedbox providers will block them.

I thank you all for your feedback. My weapon of choice would be the Rasberry PI one then.
It’s Christmas time, so I’d consider buying one.

And I’ll also wait for the new version of the Freebox Server/TV box as the rumours for this oncoming model talk about an Android based OS. With the eventuality to install a Plex app and broadcast from my QB to my TV without me having to download the files. I’ll see.

Season’s greetings to all!

I’m not sure, but Freebox V7 is not planned to be Android or Android TV yet. It’s only on the Freebox Mini but after 6 month with, i’ve decided to upgrade to Freebox v6 (Revolution). A Plex Client is available on, but if you don’t buy the app, you must go on each time you want to go on Plex.

But with Xavier Neil, maybe a Plex client will be on the stock V7… we’ll see… But for now, i run Plex on Raspberry Pi 3 B cause the Plex client on my smart TV don’t like streaming if the video is more than 420P. With the Pi, i can play the same movies in 1080P (I haven’t the connection for 4K). It’s a good alternative to the Freebox App :wink: