How to start rtorrent after rc.local?

hi there !

i have set up Quicbox, and rclone, mount Encrypted amazon cloud drive and use unionFS.
everything work fine until I reboot.

i have put my rclone mount and unionFS in the rc.local
when i reboot, it seems rtorrent start befor my mounts and union are ready.

i have try to edit [email protected], ofound this :

but dont know how or what to write instead… still a linux noob :confused:

so plz, can someone tell me how make rtorrent start after my user rc.local ? or how to start my user commands before rtorrent ?

Thx a lot !

Edit your rtorrent service so that it loads after rc-local.service (rc.local has technically been depricated, and is actually called by this service) rc-local.service

Should work, but I make no guarantees :wink: Don’t forget to reload the systemctl daemon

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

thx a lot !! and… feel stupid ^^
it was not rc.local but my user’s cron

si if someone else need the same things than me :

here is how i have do :slight_smile:
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/rtorrent\@.service