How to setup a sync-ed folder, with the rwatch folder on the seedbox?

I haven’t found a tutorial or topic which seemed to be about this topic. If there is one please re-direct me to it.

Thing is the rwatch folder on my seedbox, I want it to be synced with a folder on my desktop pc. So I just post the .torrent file in there and it auto boots the download SETUP (in capital because I do still want to tag it, etc.), on rtorrent within the quickbox.

All help is certainly appreciated, thanks!

Well, you can easily use BTSync or Syncthing to sync that folder with .torrent files. However, I don’t think it’s the nature of ‘watch’ folders, to wait for user interaction (SETUP), before adding those torrents. You can set rtorrent not to start the download, though, which would then enable you to tag the torrents before data download starts.

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