How to retrieve rclone crypt password from config file?

Say you set a password for rclone crypt and you lose the password or forget it but you have the config file on your server.

on here:
it says “Important The password is stored in the config file is lightly obscured so it isn’t immediately obvious what it is. It is in no way secure unless you use config file encryption.”

so I was wondering how to get the password from that?

not sure you can…

can I just move the config file to a new server and use it?

I’m trying to move the same rclone settings to a new server, so the uploads from that server are using the same passwords.

i do it often though try not using same token for many servers as it can put up a few red flags on the cloud server side.

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Agreed. I moved my rclone.conf recently and simply mounted the the encrypted ACD directories to the directory on my previous server. Voilà!