How to make a new folder access from https in QuickBox

Hello Guys,

I’ve been using Quickbox a couple of days and it is great. Congratulation for an excellent job and sharing with us.

I’ve created a new folder for like this /home/user/torrents/downloads/ and I would like to make access from https like the both default folder of rutorrent and deluge.

Best Regards & Thank you.

Look into the files /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/alias*

Those control the directories. If you also want it in the panel then you’d need to edit the panel config.

Be mindful that updates could wipe all of this.

If you make a new conf separate from the others then it is unlikely that a future update will write over your changes. We only write files we know exist :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot. I did it with you help.

Understood. No I don’t want to put it in the panel just access from https to download files inside.