How to FTP/send files to the server?

Hi, I’m using quickbox in a little headless homeserver in another house so I want from time to time to throw some content from my regular computer to a usb drive plugged to the server to the people that live there
But every time I try to connect to FTP I only get “Network error: Connection refused” everything else is working flawless and all the ports are open

I don’t really need FTP just a way to send/manage files from my computer to the USB

I was using rutorrent creating torrents myself and using the file manager plugin but its pretty annoying
Which would be the best way to do this?

Are you sure you are using the correct port? By default Quickbox changes it to 5757.

I finally managed to login using something that was not filezilla and not using SFTP (ftp only) but I can’t list any directory or send files (I just see the folders but can’t enter them) or “Server sent passive reply with unroutable address”

I tried nextcloud but I keep getting “internal server errors” when I try to upload anything big (I changed the limit from 512MB to 16GB already)

filezilla: sftp//SERVERIP:4747 works for me

I already fixed it editing vsftpd.conf and setting the public IP myself
Everything working just fine now