How to contribute for translations?

Hi There !

I want to contribute to Quickbox and making french translations.

I’ve tested it but i have to change all words in $widget.php and php file in /inc directory.
But i’m sure that’s not the best solution…

i’ve seen lang files but i’m don’t know how to activate them.

Sorry if i’m not posting in the good category…

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this is a work in progress. that’s why they were added so that we can continue to work on implementing different languages into quickbox.

Can i help the team ? A little help could enable you to make Quickbox even crazier, faster than forecast :grinning:

Located at /srv/rutorrent/home/lang/ will be the translation files. This is actually one of the next big steps in the project. I will be translating all known text areas at this moment to be fed as [THIS_TEXT_FOR_THIS] for easy adjusting. The en, fr etc files in that directory will be the language center for making all adjustments… this will make your translation contributions much easier.

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Just fetch me for the Danish part then when time comes :slight_smile:

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i think what he is getting at is that the language packs are added already so there is not much translating work for people he is just needing to implement/make it work with quickbox.

idk if @JMSolo will agree a support for other languages in forum might be an idea having a topic for help with any non eng lang. idk might get complicated but its an idea.

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This could be a good idea. I would also love to have specific parts of the forum be for Danish, French, Spanish and so on. Our translator team could then simply mod those areas of the forum (Since I only speak American :sweat_smile:) and just translate questions back to us for answering… or they can get really good at understanding QuickBox and offer support themselves… just say’n

Another easy way to address that is (once the QuickLab is opened publicly) have translators submit pull requests on languages… but if git is too complicated, then yes, a forum section for various languages would be ideal.

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Pretty sure he doesn´t have a French or Danish version of the Dashboard yet :wink:
So some translation needs to be done…and multilanguage support sounds kinda nice!

I’ll gladly help with the danish translation!

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Perfect :slight_smile:

If anyone can tell me how to activate lang file, i can work on it and maybe commit the lang file for the future release :slight_smile:

@JMSolo Sorry, i haven’t seen your previous message. I’ve git some times ago, so maybe i can help :slight_smile:

It will be converted with the needed language tags here in the next couple of weeks. Right now it’s all just basic templates for vnstat.

Ok, i’ll try to work on other template, I’ll tell you the progress of my work

I also want to contribute to the translation process! =)

I want to translate to German! Just hit me up when you want :slight_smile:

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Wow you guys! That’s awesome, we’ll be able to pin down half the world at this pace! :blush:

I will definitely keep you guys posted on this and I’ll actually start working on the files this weekend. It shouldn’t take too long since there is not a whole lot to translate.



Yes, the full translation of all the widgets took me one afternoon. But i used “widget”.php only… It isn’t the best solution, i know… :joy:

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I would gladly help translate into Swedish. Just let me know which files to work on and I will do my best if it’s still actual that is.

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@zorkel, that would be amazing if you could help with Swedish!

Feel free to join the QuickBox Labs and opt to join the Translators repo for the file. I pushed a file for you to translate (currently in English) this morning here:

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Hi there. I’m a spanish native speaker and I’d like to contribute with a full QB spanish translation (or the Dashboard, at least).

How can I check the files for translation and so on? I’m totally lost about the process. Can someone help me with this?

You can make a new file, we’ll call it lang_es, inside this file you can convert everything to Spanish. Its easiest to copy it from the lang_en and then do your translations there. If you are familiar with git, you can submit a pull request once you have the translation ready, or you can drop the file here and I will manage all that for you. Translations are huge and very much appreciated!

Here’s a link to the lang_en file for you to copy and translate:

Thank you mate! I’ll do it for sure. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

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