How to change sick rage url in web panel?

How do i change the sick rage url to include https:// infront of it from the panel? I cant figure it out.


The urls are actually located in

Be aware that changes to this file will be overwritten with every update.

I really think one of the next efforts for QB should be moving all the apps to behind a reverse proxy and as part of that make them multi-user. There seem to be a lot of people wanted to know how to do this.

My work for example restricts all traffic to 80/443 for web and ssh to 22 and I have no control over the firewall so there is no way to get to most of the installed apps unless I reverse proxy them or do something like the vpn or ssh tunnel.

I’ve moved ssh back to 22 and set it up for passwordless ssh.

I understand it is a popular feature request, but the inclusion of multi-user apps would require a refactor of our installer mechanisms in general, as currently there is no way for sub-users to install packages. All packages assume master user and we would need a way to differentiate between multi-user apps and admin apps if we were to expose the QBPMC to your subusers.

The reverse proxy is certainly one solution but it will require a separate endpoint address for each user (, etc)

While simple on the surface, and yes we could assign random ports during install of each of app the inclusion of this feature in general is a logistical nightmare that will take both @JMSolo and myself refactoring the web panel and installer packages together. While not a full rewrite, I can see the possibility of sinking in many hours of work just to get this into testing.

There are further considerations to the multi-user aspect; such as, the desire for these features will largely apply only to web-hosts looking to add features to shared environments and increase the value of their service. While it would be great, bare in mind we are a two person team who donate the majority of our time. Further, catering to resellers is not a high priority especially given the fact that we do not license our product – that said, if such a feature does get implemented there is a possibility that it will not be open-sourced and freely available as a part of the main repository.

That said, reverse proxying single-user apps is not a horrible idea and could certainly be done in its current state.

You know I completely agree. I am not at all thinking you should do anything for web hosts without being paid and yes, I realize the efforts are large. I’ve dug extensively into the panel and the installers. I’d do pull requests for some of my tweaks but I think they arent clean enough to be incorporated into QB ecosystem…kinda embarrassed by them so they remain mine alone.

The multi-user aspects is where I was leaning on docker. Its nothing to spin up another container for X user and map ports/mounts/reverse proxy. It could all be managed by the master user so no worries about management. One of the reasons I’m moving there for work is the isolation and the ability to deploy and destroy in seconds vs ripping out all sorts of things if its manually installed…updates are just deltas.

I think the reverse proxy of the single user apps would be a really good start.

If you want to drop me your apache confs in a pastebin and pm me, I can take a look through them. Better than starting from nothing :wink:

I’m taking a look at sickrage right now and am running into issues in regards to rewrites.

Try the reverse proxy examples here:

Sickrage is based on Sickbeard and he has a sickbeard example including edit the config file for sickbeard.