How to add an external drive in to the system?

Guys, how can i add an external drive? I read dtech’s tutorial Adding new disk to user directory but he was using an empty disk and mine has 4tb/8tb content in it. (and i suppose not an external drive)

Any ideas?

Same concept just skip the formating.

I did but it said something like “from now on it the chosen disk will be booted”. I was scared of breaking the server because if it boots that drive there is no OS in it. I am a noob when it comes to linux so could not dare to do it… So is it okay to continue?

Should not say anything about disk booting…

yeah maybe I did something wrong. Anyways - in your tutorial there is a part that I don’t understand. I could not find what to put there.

The part is in the last step. I could not find something to put instead of /storage.

here is the link btw. : Adding new disk to user directory

Can you explain a bit more?

/home/UsernameHere/foldername = /storage

yeah I did that. It only says /media/alp/Seagate/Arsiv: Is a directory and does not let me do anything afterwards.

:confused: not sure what is going wrong i put together the howto with a few others i understand it enough to use it not much more.