How to access dashboard from outside home network? *solved*

Hey guys,
Do you know how to setup access to dashboard and rutorrent from another network than the one you already setup quickbox?

I tried port forwarding port 80, I successfully got the user:pass panel but when I login it says site can’t be reached. Any ideas?

dmz setup in your router to the local server will do this then when you are outside you will use your public ip to access it

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You need to open SSL’s port 443.

its more than just that port that needs to be open that’s why i said DMZ needs to be set if it was just one or 2 ports that need forwarded then id say that.
but each thing running has its own port so sonar, plex, jacket… ect… all have different ports by setting dmz it allows all open ports on server to be available to the outside world and the all non used ports are closed so its not like its not safe.

my local server ip is and I opened DMZ tab on my router and entered this IP. Then I activated the DMZ. However, I am still getting “This site can’t be reached” error. Any ideas?

in 2-3 hrs i can help you over team viewer. we can take a look and see whats going on. when i am ready i’ll send you a msg asking for teamviewer ID and Temp password.

okay thank you!! I’ll be waiting for your message :slight_smile: