How does the Guru Install Service work?

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Hello. I’m brand new to the community. I’m planning on having a guru setup but, need to know if everything is included. For example do I have to do the initial partitioning and OS install on the server. Like I said I’m brand new so try not to roll your eyes too far back into your heads after reading this :wink:

Afaik you will need to have your server in rescue mode if it’s from something like hetzner and the guru will install it and configure it for you. Handing you a flawlessly working machine. But the guru would inform you on any steps you need to take along with required info. :slight_smile:

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I’m curious if this would also include, or could include, something like filebot converting the file and then moving it to the Plex rclone directory? Also, is it possible to get plexdrive installed alongside rclone to prevent api mishaps that I’m reading about?

Finally, would assistance be available for something like setting up the VPN to protect the torrent traffic and such?

vpn is actually not allowed on most server hosts at least in the way i think you are wanting but as long as you stick to using private trackers you should be fine without a vpn client on the server.
we do have the vpn option for you to run if you want a secure connection to the server.

I see. I meant something along these lines I guess. :slight_smile: I’m not sure I follow with the private trackers part… is that something included with the rclone guru (which I just ordered btw.) If you want to PM me, I’m fine with that too. Thanks!

already did. you need to check your messages