How does a user install Jackett & Sonarr?


I’ve run the quickbox installer as suggested in the readme page but after installing jackett and sonarr, they return 503 Service Unavailable.

i’ve read the other posts in the forum about this same issue, but the posters didn’t post how they resolved the issue, just that they resolved it without any details.

how do i fix this 503 issue preventing me from using jackett, sonarr and radarr ?

thank you


is there any kind of install guide? the vanilla install does not work as advertised.

updates: maybe my setup is just strange. i only intend to use this box inside my LAN for my own personal use.

so far i have done the following:
in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/sonarr.conf

changed ‘localhost’ to the box’s LAN IP - sonarr is now accessible from the QB menu
working on getting jackett up - jackett is up

ah, so i think the issue is that the QB install script replaces ‘localhost’ with your chosen hostname during install. this is placed in the /etc/hosts file and it messes with the rest of the install that calls for ‘localhost’

editing /etc/hosts back to ‘ localhost’ seems to have resolved a number of issues.

more update:

so far in setting this up for LAN use only, ensure the following :
in .config/NzbDrone/config.xml

in /etc/hosts localhost

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