How do you setup RAID 0 on SYS?

I don’t see how can you do that, the dashboard upon OS installation is only detecting one hard drive, and when the system loads up. there is only one disk being used. even though I selected install on 1 disk( which should switch from RAID 1 to 0) but doesn’t seem to be working

anyone who has or have had SYS can give any tips regarding this issue?



Thanks but do I have to check the “Do you want to install it solely on the first 1 disk?” considering I have two disks.
do I need that option or not?

Well, if you watched the video you saw that he specifically did not check that option :confused:

Yeah, just had to make sure. just in case we both had different setups. :slight_smile:

Agreed, I think most people end up using just the one disk if they select that option. It is oddly labeled though.

So I’m assuming that after I finish the install with the same parameters in the video, I should be able to have access to both disks…

EDIT: got access to both disks! thanks @dtech_banned , @RXWatcher and @JMSolo