How do you config SyS as Raid 0

I picked up one to play with and I can’t figure out how to config raid 0.

Can I modify the RAID type during the installation?
Yes. In order to do this, tick the “customisable installation” box and then tick the box that says “Do you wish to install the system on the first disk only?”.
Therefore the RAID will be a RAID 0 rather than a RAID 1.

I tried that…only shows one disk in use and fdisk -l shows both…do I then manually use mdadm to make it a raid 0?

I can configure the partitions via the setup. I can set /home to raid 0 but root(/) and swap need to remain raid 1…not exactly how I want it.


only home can be set as raid 0 for a sys. this is just how they avoid problems not the best way but it works.

thanks for the help. I checked i/o on a raid 0 /home and that’s good enough.