Host review honesty only SYS (ovh)

let me start with the one i am somewhat happy with So You Start
they are a part of OVH which is a great company and always give you great help when they can. I called them for the stupidest things i could ask just to see how they would respond and they were always polite and always helped
now i am not 100% in love with them, they have some flaws or should i say some drawbacks and some pluss
they have Limit for speed upload is capped at 250Mbit/s and they let you have more download speeds but upload is always the speed that i most care about. as a uploader :smiley:

they are limited to doing a mostly raid 0 with the dashboard they provide so you have to set /boot as raid 1 partition but the / you can save all the rest of your hdd for / as raid 0

now for the good things

they are unmatched in call support at least have never tried ticket support

unlimited bandwidth = download as much as you want no data cap

you can reinstall os as many times as you would like.

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i been with soyoustart for a few years. i was with ovh forever and it seemed they were separating from kimsufi cheapo stuff and midrange/highend was ovh.
i had a server at ovh that was getting really old and i didnt like the price so i eventually moved over to SYS.

in the end im very happy with the service and the price.
i would suggest them to anyone who is learning and wants some dedicated hardware to play on.

good post! @dtech_banned

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Hi Guys

How are things with SYS these days?

I seem to be having peering issues over the last few months with my Hetzner and i’m thinking of making a change. seem to be sold out of much of the servers i’d like, and OVH is a little pricey. So i was turning to SYS, which i believe is part of OVH.

I was looking at, it comes in at €67 including the vat. The processor is pretty decent with a benchmark of 11793, but it only had 6tb of space, versus my 12tb on my hetzner. But with ACD, this isn’t a deal breaker.

I see that the upload is capped at 250Mbits. i’m always a bit dodgy with MBS vs Mbits, but when uploading on my Hetzner i sometimes get speeds of 50MBs which is equivilant to 500Mbits. So how do people find building a ratio, my current ratio on my sites is pretty good. But i wouldn’t want it to drop.

Or perhaps, would i be best off getting a “real” hetzner instead of the auction server? Would that give better peering in you experience?


Black Friday is coming and I’m sure some providers will have special deals ready.

You could also have a look at Reselling servers.

well, depends on your trackers
had a e3-sat1 for 2 years now and have terabytes of buffer on all sites with no heavy racing, peering was pretty good for me
had several and hetzner in between and always switched back to ovh/sys
if you already willing to pay 70€, then why not buy the cheapest and test the peering for yourself - it heavily depends on your sites used and your own location

and as tarp said, wait for black friday, maybe there will be some gems

Thanks guys, Black Friday is a good idea. Plus getting a cheaper one for testing.

you would get better upload speeds when you get a "real " server from them they do only promise 200mbps upload speeds. but you also have to realize with anything you get what you pay for so with ovh you pay for more and get more. soyoustart is good but they to have slow limit upload at 250mbps. they do have pretty good peering to the ovh servers.

Thanks for the input.

Another server getting my interest is a bytesized hosting dedi. It’s a 34 tb for €80 a month on leaseweb or the archive box which is 46 TBH for €100. Both on a dedicated 1Gbps line.

But going with those is leaving QuickBox :frowning:

Well here’s a strange occurrence for you guys, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

So my plex server on Hetzner started buffering again last night, I then tried the shared slot I have on leaseweb, same thing, but then I tried my plex cloud beta and it worked fine. I also checked Netflix and I could stream 1080p without issue.

My home speedtest was coming in at 38Mbps, so that wasn’t the issue. I then decided to change my speedtest server location. I went for a few in Amsterdam for my leaseweb slot, my best speed was around 9Mbps. I then tried a few in Germany, to replicate my Hetzner, best speed was around 3Mbps. Very odd. So I tried some in France knowing that OVH work from there, and my speed was 36Mbps. Hmmm.

So then I went and tried to download the 100Mb test file from Hetzner, Leaseweb and OVH. And backing up my speedtests above, the first two were cruel slow while the OVH file downloaded like a champ.

The annoying thing is, I redid my tests this morning and all 3 test files downloaded file.

I’m at a loss at this stage as to why this is happening, congestion maybe?