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Hello, is it possible to change the directory of ruTorrent? I was hoping to change it to different directory but everytime I change it in “Connection” and hit OK it doesn’t seem to get updated.

I suppose I will need to login as root on putty and change it through using that?

Can someone please tell me how to change the directory.


no you can change it in rutorrent settings

at the bottom where you see downloads there you can change where rtorrent saves files.

I believe you need to alter

directory =

In ~/. rtorrent.rc if you want the change to persist across restarts though

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Hello, thanks all for reply.

So I managed to find the file " .rtorrent.rc " but for some reason I am unable to change the file permission on it so it updates. I was able to edit the directory but when it comes to transferring it back to the seedbox an error message is displayed " set attrs for /home/[user]/.rtorrent.rc: permission denied "

I transferred the file using file zilla.

Would I need to login as Root using Putty and change the persmission using it? If so, how can I do it for a specific user?


normally you would edit it in the terminal
nano /home/username/.rtorrent.rc
there are a few ways to edit but this is just one of them.

@dtech_banned, nice so I typed that command and finally some result. How would I save this after it has been edited?


ctrl o to save ctrl x to exit

@dtech_banned, very strange bro, I was able to edit the home directory to different location but when I actually went into ruTorrent settings “Downloads” the location still appears as the old home directory even though on the " .rtorrent.rc " it has been updated.

Changes to rtorrent.rc require a restart of the client to take effect

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@liara. restart was done on client yet still not seem to be working.

If you try adding a new download, it doesn’t default the location you set?

Note that this will not affect torrents you have previously added…

Correct, you’ll need to right click all your torrents and select ‘Save to…’ to have them locate to the new location.

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@liara & @JMSolo thanks for support. I restart ruTorrent yet still it has not worked. When I add new torrent it still saves it on the old directory.

My aim was to setup multiple users with their own ruTorrent logins but all have the same directory. So all users will be downloading to the same location but have their own ruTorrent UI