Hire someone to setup everything?

I was wondering if it would be possible to hire someone to setup everything on a dedicated server, including the Ubuntu OS Install, securing the server, deploying Quickbox script, installing additional apps, setting up automation, setting up a VPN if necessary, etc.

I am fairly comfortable with computers, and I could figure all the above stuff out, but I’m not a Linux Guru and it would probably take me days, maybe even weeks.

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know, obviously I would be willing to pay for your time.

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Sweet…She has her site up!

@liara It looks nice!

She can take on all the stuff I get hit up for but don’t want to deal with. :slight_smile:

I really need to get my guru marketplace setup

I haven’t forwarded any additional vendor applications at this time due to I am already overhauling the dashboard for Marketplace Vendors. I should have this batched update out by this Friday… Monday at the very latest. Then I will start pressing in the Vendor Applications received. Obviously, everyone will need some know-how to be approved :wink:

you already approved my application :smiley: lol

I am speaking in generalities in accordance to non-staffers. We’ve gotten about 30 vendor applications :\




some are bs though lol

I’m well aware :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! Been working hard on getting it online (spent my entire “vacation” on it).

It still needs a little spit and shine here and there and I’ve got bigger plans for it, but it is currently serving its purpose! :slight_smile:

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How did this get on the site? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks awesome @liara, love the new site!!!

I guess you’ll have to ask @dtech_banned :smile:

Where the hell is that even listed?

I put it on there :smile:

It’s listed on all the sub pages etc.

For instance, this article, then on the right side.



Hello @JMSolo,

When you talk about 30 vendor applications, are you meaning that every apps provided by QuickBox will be available in the marketplace? Or they are new apps to include in QuickBox ?

Your website is great @liara, good luck for your business :wink:
But it misses the “QuickBox” install, tuning and configuration service to be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

he means the marketplace when people signup for it there is a checkbox that people can use to get approved to sell their script though quickbox. be it a tuning script or be it a happy face pop up for whatever reason
things they will need to do is one be screened for any bad code meaning harmful to the user. and some might be included into the qb setup if the said vendor and qb staff can work that out.

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Get it :slight_smile:

Yes that needs a QuickBox sandbox to test every script and assure that there no conflict between them. All these scripts need to have an install and remove package?

The tuneup service is still there. It’s marketed as a Storage Server Tune :wink:

Same product as always, just a new easy way to complete the checkout and get info about the product so I can answer peoples’ questions all hours of the day rather than just when I happen to be at the computer in front of IRC :slight_smile: