High memory usage


I’m using QuickBox since few weeks, it’s very cool and btw I love the new website design.

All screens: http://pastebin.com/nede20G0

I’m having an issue with memory (I have to clear it two times per day), and my CPU is always between 20%-30% screen1 (/dev/urandom is 100% screen2 ).

Is it normal? Can I reduce the memory usage?

I have another question about screen3 and here screen4
How can I set this value? (Yes I only have 1 user)

Thanks in advance! (Debian 8)

Hello @llomgui,

Could you please give us the result from these commands please ?

  • free -m
  • dd if=/dev/zero of=test.data bs=1M count=1000 conv=fdatasync;rm test.data

I can’t look your link, pastebin is not allowed where I am :slight_smile:

Hey @PastaGringo,

I cleared my memory cache before reading your post, so free -m is not relevant…

Output: http://prntscr.com/e3zh9y

What can I use to share my screenshots with you? The problem is: I can’t post many links as a new member :cry: .

You can continue to post your links, I will open them on my mobile phone.
The purpose of this command was in first time to see how many RAM you have on your server.

Could you give us a screenshot from the “SYSTEM RAM STATUS” on your QuickBox dashboard please?

I’m not a Linux expert but it seems Linux uses the unused RAM for disk caching.
Currently on my server the Physical Memory Usage is at 99.2% but the Real Momory Usage is at 15%.

More info here : http://www.linuxatemyram.com

This has already been addressed numerous times and will be included in the FAQ once we’re done dealing with some site migration woes.

Read more here:


Thanks, what about the others question?