High CPU/Bandwidth according to QB


According to QuickBox I’m using 40% CPU and 200MB/s down 60MB/s up even though all ruTorrent is doing is downloading something with 5MB/s. According to my console, there’s nothing strange going on.

The second I turn downloading off, everything starts to calm down and nothing is wrong. Any idea why?

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sudo apt install nethogs

then run it and you should see exactly what is using the BW.

  ? root                                                                   11945.387   80507.305 KB/sec

Ah, that figures. rTorrent downloads straight to my nfs mount (unraid server which is on the same switch).

Why is it using 80MB/sec if I only download with 8MB/s though? And do you happen to know why it needs 14% of my CPU power to do so? nfs 12T 8.4T 3.5T 71% /home/exile/torrents/rtorrent
This is my mount


Ok, I figured out it’s rtorrent. Because if I just copy a 3GB file towards the nfs mount I get this:

  ? root                                   65778.992     230.379 KB/sec

So it’s rtorrent ■■■■■■■ up somewhere

I would suggest posting these findings and adding to rakshasa’s repo, issue #443.