Having SFTP connection Issues

When trying to connect using sftp to my server on port 4747, I keep on getting “Disconnect: key exchange failed.” using CuteFTP. I can connect just fine with regular ftp.

I’m not sure what to try to resolve this issue. Hoping someone here as came across this and a way to resolve it.

Cute ftp is outdated (July 2013 was its last update) and doesn’t support the new key exchange algorithms enforced by new versions of openssh server. This is a security measure implemented by openssh server and not anything that quickbox has altered in regards to configuration.

If you need to use sftp with a multi threads/segments look into a regularly updated/newer application such as lftp

Google is your friend. The last comment pretty much sums it up.

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I decided to use FTPS instead with cuteftp as it still gives me a secure connection and works out of the box for me.

I appreciate the help, thanks.