Hashing progress when creating .torrent in rutorrent?

When I was using rutorrent before, whenever I created a .torrent file I was given the hashing progress as an output (something like ‘1145 pieces of 2200 hashed’). With my current installation of rutorrent I don’t seem to get this. Is this down to the version I’m using, or is it something else?

$useExternal should be set to mktorrent in the create plugin for rutorrent.

[liara@tab]:(247.4Mb)~$ cat /srv/rutorrent/plugins/create/conf.php 
// configuration parameters

$useExternal = 'mktorrent';		// Valid choices:
				// false - use internal realization (may be too slow for large files)
				// "transmissioncli" - use program transmissioncli (see http://www.transmissionbt.com/)
				// "transmissioncreate" - use program transmissioncreate (see http://www.transmissionbt.com/)
				// "createtorrent" - use program createtorrent (see http://www.createtorrent.com)
				// "mktorrent" - use program createtorrent (see http://mktorrent.sourceforge.net)
				// "buildtorrent" - use program buildtorrent (see http://claudiusmaximus.goto10.org/cm/torrent.html)
$pathToCreatetorrent = '/usr/local/bin/mktorrent';	// Something like /bin/createtorrent, or /bin/transmissioncli. If empty, program will be found in PATH.

$recentTrackersMaxCount = 15;

Looking at my config file, mktorrent is already set. Any other possibilities?

I have the same problem. Have you figured it out. The onyl thing i noticed is that on my old setup it was mktorrent version 1.0. now it it 1.1.

No luck. I’ve simply accepted it at this point

$pathToCreatetorrent = '/usr/local/bin/mktorrent';
$pathToCreatetorrent = '/usr/bin/mktorrent';
unload plugin from rutorrent, reload page, or just restart rtorrent