Handy tool: ncdu - Directory sizes

For those who are new to this like me, the hardest bit I’ve found with managing my seedbox via CLI is not knowing where my space goes.

I’ve found a handy little tool call ncdu that lets you browse the file system and see directory sizes:

Description: ncurses disk usage viewer
Ncdu is a ncurses-based du viewer. It provides a fast and easy-to-use interface
through famous du utility. It allows one to browse through the directories and
show percentages of disk usage with ncurses library.

it’s in the ubuntu repositroy, so a simple apt-get install will grab it if you want to check it out.

What other cool little programs have you guys found along the way that have made your maintenance easier?

Remember rutorrent have a File Manager plugin to manage files and directories.

Another visual file manager that’s easy to use is Midnight Commander:

apt-get install mc

wtf? how long has that been there!!!

since install :wink:

It took me longer than I’m proud of to realise you could use a mouse…