Guide for Amazon Cloud

Are there a complete guide on this the site, how to mount, encrypt and upload guide with ACD

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Not at the time being. You would find everything you need on reading the docs and installation guide. The forum also contains a lot of help and scripts

These should help:

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Thanks for all the links. !

This is the one I used. Works well

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wow…thats really well done. You can tell he’s a coder and docs guys.

Yes it’s really well done. Love the way it configures virtually everything for you. Tried the enztv guide but everytime I deleted stuff from the local folder it deleted it from the media folder aswell so plex complained of missing files. Probably something I did wrong along the way though :wink:

I use PlexACD and it works very well.

i see other people use acd_cli and not rclone, what is the different, and what do you use?

acd_cli was the original but it has a lot of stability issues and doesnt have build in encyption(you need something like encfs on top of it to do encyptrion) rclone is faster and has builtin encyption.

I highly recommend going with rclone.

Okay, now i understand, thanks…

now i just have to decide what guide i will go with lol.