Gui to set ftp access

a gui to set ftp access
select folders or just single files users can access, there home folders settings like that

not sure what you are asking here…

I think something along the lines of h5ai… which has been considered and will be implemented in future versions… just no eta at the moment.

he could use the cloud we have… it would work as that but idk lol

a gui to easily set up ftp accounts with their own user names and passwords and folder access
there may be another way to do it but basically a way to share and revoke access to a choice of files and folders

a link you can send some one so they can download a set of files and folders would be nice also i just thought ftp would be the easiest way to do it

wow yes just like that can you set passwords and ways to restrict access with that

As per the GUI for setting up ftp accounts, I’m not too sure this is something that will be implemented as createSeedboxUser handles all these things and there are no plans for independently handling just FTP users. However, as @dtech_banned mentioned. You could use NextCloud in the Package Management Center on your dashboard and easily achieve the sort of public/downloadable share you are looking for.

The h5ai, once integrated will be assigned to each users /home directory. So all files within their own directories will be able to be browsed with the demo I have linked. :smiley:

my thought is it would be nice to have a easy way to share files and folders with the less tech savvy. something that you can just give them a link and a login i will look into the cloud app
i just got done setting up sonar have not checked all the apps out thank you for all your work it is really good software

you can share a URL with a non-nextcloud user and they will get a gui to select the file and download. You can select an expiration on the file and a password.

Another option would be the media share plugin in rutorrent but that appears to be broken.

broken how so? I used it the other day :confused: hummm

maybe its just my setup. I shared a file via file manager, went to to file share , right clicked on my URL for the file and copied it, pasted that into a browser and it repeatedly prompted for a user/password. I noticed in Chrome it would just prompt for user/password. In Firefox it would say “leave username blank and just enter a password”

I hadnt set a password on the file. It wouldnt accept any password I’d give it or even blank.

It’s possible its my server…who know but its broken for me.

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I’ll look into this later today on my server as well.