Gui file manager in dashboard?

Well I wonder if it would be possible to add a nice but simple file manager to the dashboard, that will allow you to move, copy and delete files. The file manager in ruTorrent is nice but find it very bulky to get a good overview of contents and locations of files. The easiest way I found to manage the files and folder is to use filezilla. I try to keep my movies and tv series organised to allow for easier view and management. Specially when it comes to tv shows.

Or would someone be able to recommend a few good ways to manage your files on your server without much hassle?

Perhaps even include a “dummy” delete that allows you to preview changes before they are applied so you don’t end up deleting your entire collection rather then that duplicate folder/file. Yes I have done such mistakes a few times and I would be surprised if I’m alone in that regard.

Your thoughts on this?

I hope this features will implement coming soon :heart_eyes: