GUI bug not sure what to call it

not sure what to call the bug and or if it is a bug or just me

Working fine on my end :confused:

Yeah, it’s a very focused bug that is happening by way of the javascript that calls the open/close function. You basically have to close the menu, then resize it while the menu is closed, and then try to reopen the menu. This is more of a bootstrap issue and since it is so “accidental” there is no fix for this. This would be more of an issue if a user was just resizing their browser over and over again.

Basically, it is aware of the additional margins if you resize with the menu open, menu closed, it still has the margins but doesn’t call the menu as it is still set with a -280px margin (offscreen).

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so its not just me GOOD lol thought i broke it again :smiley:

i will say it’s new to me.

No, it’s a tiny glitch with bootstrap but it’s incredibly remote.