Great tool - Much simpler than before

Got so fed up of managing a seedbox for two others. This is a blessing.

Is it still being actively developed? I saw some github activity this week, but the roadmap is still announcing 2.4.7 and 2.4.8 came out nearly a year ago (may '16). Some additional management tools would be cool, for dealing with users. That and a tool to run a script after a user is created (to adjust folder permissions for example).

Anyho, great piece of software


Thank you @Xander for the feedback!

One look around the forums will say “yes” :wink:
I know that the roadmap is a little lack-luster and obviously out-dated at the moment. Sitting at one developer (me) on QuickBox and balancing a normal everyday job is a tiring taks… however; the community support and additional Admin/Mods are an incredible group of people… not to mention… this community which has been a complete blessing!

The development with QuickBox has not stopped and there is an incredible amount of feedback/suggestions to implement in future iterations of QuickBox (and none of them go unnoticed). Currently, priorities have shifted towards presenting a new website that makes API between site/forum/gitlab a single event and reduces my pressure on having to manage 3 separate sites. It’s a lot of work, but it has to be done right.

Github isn’t where we maintain our EcoSystem, we host our own GitLab and this is where develops occur. However; I will be placing a mirror to our Gitlab within Github (maybe this is the activity you saw?) for those who are more familiar with it’s setup… I do this as a means to not limit anyone’s ability to contribute code/revisions… I could certainly use the help :wink:

With the launch of the new website and all that comes with it will be the launch of the QuickBox Kickstarter campaign! My goal is to get myself and one other developer to devote ourselves full-time to the continuation of QuickBox and make it 10 fold the script it is now… but it will take a lot of work and a lot of funding… it will be a fun road to travel!

Again, thank you for taking time to shoot some praise our way! The hard work put forth by Beta Testers/Mods/Admin is incredible and praise is overwhelmingly appreciated!



How does contribution work here? Is there a list of features in a TODO list and developers can come along, work on it then submit a pull request for review?

I’m a full time developer, but get about 20% a week to work on other projects (not including my own time).

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Currently, there is nothing in this regard as it’s a bit daunting to keep everything tidy within the QuickBox project (at least in terms of dev pipeline) when time is crunched. The new site will address this by allowing front-end user login an developers can have access to a TODO list such as you ask about. Something we can actually keep track of better… along with the Gitlab which will receive a better handling on the Developer Group.

At the moment, if you notice anything off and/or in need of improvement… it’s a first come-first serve basis of pull requests… then we push it out to beta channels for testing.

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