Graph not showing anything?

Hi there,

I’ve changed my interface names, since I’m running iSCSI also. So I changed the NIC names to better differentiate between the traffic.

The bandwidth graph seemed to work without a problem, even after the change. Now all of a sudden the graph is dead. See my screenshot.

Where should I dig to investigate this issue deeper? I’ve tried another browser.

In reply to self.

Changed back to “eth0” and “eth1” and graphs are good again. BUT i wonder why this is? When installing an Ubuntu server, the interface name is random(ish), something like “ensXXX”. So I can only assume that the Quickbox installer grabs the IF names and insert them into a variable somewhere?

Can I add my custom interface names somewhere to mitigate this?

If you change the interface in db/interface.txt and then run the updater, the necessary files will be replaced and the cron job to insert the interface back in will run again. This should solve your problem

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Thanks a lot! I will give it a try :slight_smile:

So after running the fixhome and showspace command, i noticed my graph got wiped out… I dont know or think those actions are related but it was working before. Anyway, Its been a few days and still nothing. I updated to the latest QB using the box upgrade hoping that would correct any issues i caused but that didn’t seem to help… I also checked to make sure db/interface.txt was pointing to the right interface, and it was. In other words, I need help :slight_smile: thanks!

Hey, you can PM me and I will take a look for you @pimogo

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I am still trying to wrap my head around this issue as it is incredibly isolated it would seem to only your install. I will PM you again later on in the day for more sample/tests.

odd. i supppose installing quickbox over this installation is out of the question as it’d write over all my custom work huh :confused:

sorry to occupy so much of your time… wasn’t my intention… honest. :slight_smile:

p.s is funding for this project only from donations? i feel like that wouldn’t really begin to cover the costs of servers, time, etc, though.

Depends on the scope of your customization’s… but now you have me curious about what customization’s you have done that may had potentially caused this. :thinking:

Also, no worries. :smiley:

well as far as customizations… both dason and liza have done their modifcations… so i have rclone and nginx installed. the only customization i’ve done is to reset the plex link to my personal URL instead of default… also i play w/ the rclone script to suit my needs and to learn…

Hmm, nginx shouldn’t be causing that issue. I am not too sure if it will overwrite the rclone configs or not. I could spin up a test and see. As far as server tuning, none of that should be touched by a reinstall over the top of your current one. Mostly, if things exist already, the installer skips it, if they don’t, the installer has been known to repair it. Just to be extra safe I will test the rclone install.

if i have to backup rclone, thats not too bad. the nginx stuff is more complicated and would be nice to retain it.

p.s. a backup mechanism would be a nice implementation at some point. i’d happily donate to see that take fruition. :wink: