Google unlimited drives on ebay

Be careful what accounts you order if not be safe and get your own domain and pay/month
google seems to be locking out a few of the clouds so far so be careful

google locked mine! going to buy monthly paid one! Lost 4TBs of data :frowning:

Yep, me and a few friends got locked out D:

Also reddit thread on this:

Now that amazon and the (ebay) gsuite solutions are not working any more, is there a relatively cheap alternative?

getting a gsuite account for $10/month will work like a charm. It is the cheapest solution I know. If you encrypt it you will be fine.

I paid ten bucks, I’m fine with losing backups for now

updated from gsuites

Reply from gsuites:
(Mine was .org)
Dear customers, our main account have been shut down by Google. Many sellers are going through the same problems.
Everyone will get replacement accounts within the next 48 hours.
I am doing everything I can to recover your info from Google.
If you need to speak to me please contact me through Skype at *******.
Or go to and open a chat on the bottom right corner of the screen.
I need people that are on forums to contact me and tell me about it so they can inform your partners about this matter.
Sorry for the inconvinience.

Same problem here.
but as backup and for low quality video is not a great lost :slight_smile: update

Final Update below
Google gave me the final decision that all information its loss, I’ve tried anything and everything I could. If anyone wants to complain with google find the access to an admin account so you can generate a pin and call Google on your own (try your luck with them.) at the end of this message. Follow this link to get proof of my efforts
All single users will receive replacement account within the next 24 hours. Fill the info in this link to get a replacement
If you have your own domain your domain its going to be release by Google by the end of the day, so you can add it in your own Google G Suite.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I will probably take a long time to reply, as we are assisting over 3,000 People.

once they were closed i knew nobody was getting data back

again you shouldn’t of relied on them as your sole back up solution I had 6TB nas at home thats encrypted

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Google is going to crack down, even on paying users. Should be expected since people were abusing the shit out of Amazon and/or Google

I’m willing to go part in on a monthly, but you need at least I believe 5 people to be compliant with the Eula\

ehh, I think even those that pay and are completely “compliant” will be cracked down on.