Give an user read permission on rtorrent and deluge folder via web downloads

I have a master user xxx and I would like to give another user yyy read only permission to /home/xxx/torrents/rtorrent and /home/xxx/torrents/deluge. I tried createSeedboxUser but it creates yyy with its own folders. I want yyy to be able to download from xxx’s files and folders from web downloads (https://IP/xxx.rtorrent.downloads/).

How can this be done? Please help.

Thanks for quickbox!

chmod the folder you want others to read or add user yyy to xxx group

Thanks for the explanation. I did add yyy to xxx group and chmod permission is set at 755. But still when I open https://IP/xxx.rtorrent.downloads and provide yyy credentials getting 401.

Edit: My bad I did not do “createSeedboxUser” with yyy. After creating seebox user for yyy, it’s working now!

Thank you!

I’m not able to edit the above post so writing a bit more on what I did.

Ran createSeedboxUser and created a new user yyy
Added yyy to xxx’s group
chmod -R 755 /directory
Added yyy name in “Require user xxx yyy” /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/aliases-seedbox.conf
Restarted apache2 (sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart)

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