Getting a few install bugs

Using a Deb 8.5 min install

/home quota choice

Setting up vsftpd ... [ DONE ] mv: cannot stat ‘/root/QuickBox/dashboard/home/widgets/disk_datah.php’: No such file or directory Setting irssi/rtorrent to start on boot ... sudo: unable to resolve host TheBox [ DONE ] Setting permissions on globber ... [ DONE ]

For this

Do the following:

cd /srv/rutorrent/home/widgets
mv disk_datah.php disk_data.php

^-- Also, thanks for bringing this to my attention, it is now fixed on the installer.

As per this:

You should be ok. what does hostname return?

np looked liked a typo :slight_smile:


this is what hostname returns:
TheBox:/# hostname

It’s possible you got the hostname error from using Uppercased letters within the hostname… this is a side-effect of linux itself.

What does sudo -u _yourusername_ crontab -l show?
Replace _yourusername _ with your actual username on install.

tried both root and my user!

TheBox:/# sudo -u root crontab -l
sudo: unable to resolve host TheBox
no crontab for root
TheBox:/# sudo -u globber crontab -l
sudo: unable to resolve host TheBox
*/1 * * * * /home/globber/.startup

If you go to /etc/hosts do you see TheBox listed in there… either with your server IP or a local IP such as:	localhost	quickbox

ahh ok:
I use a Hetzner box and I can see the server ip is still the one from initial linux install!

serverip Debian-85-jessie-64-minimal

changed to

serverip TheBox

everything seems ok now!

Good ol’ Hetzner! Glad it’s settled :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and simply love this script…only had it for 15 mins - must be love then right! :slight_smile:

Best regards…

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