Geoip plugin not working

Just did a fresh clean install and noticed that the geoip plugin (the one that shows user country flags) isnt working… it is loaded…
Anything I can check?

running debian 8 on a server


Libgeoip for php7.0 is only just starting to make its way through the repository – I know it’s currently not included in the QuickBox installer. The following commands work for Ubuntu 16.04 but I know the php7 repos for Debian 8 were missing a few packages last time I checked (notably php-memcached):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install php7.0-dev php-geoip libgeoip-dev

I ran into some bugs installing php-geoip by itself (date added for torrents refused to set), so I believe the dev packages add some needed things for geoip to do its thing without causing a ruckus.

Edit: Looks like we should be good to go as of a couple days ago:

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I did think about adding a php 5.6 fallback for this reason and a couple of other (non-breaking) issues that I had noticed. However, being that the dotdeb packages are pretty much ready for the modules I saw it as fitting to only keep php 7 as a default.

These packages will be added to the QuickBox list here in the next few days.

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E: Unable to locate package php-geoip

is what I get after running
sudo apt update
sudo apt install php7.0-dev php-geoip libgeoip-dev

Guess I’ll wait a few days…

You may be able to get the update. Try apt-get update and see if it shows in the list.

Technically it should be as follows:

sudo apt install php7.0-dev php7.0-geoip libgeoip-dev

Should work as the packages have been updated

Success!.. Had to reboot the box till it showed up properly… (tried a restart of the services but that didnt work)

Thanks again!