Generate Direct Downloads

Hello first would like to say sorry if this question has already been answered, just was not able to find any relevant threads via Search.

Would it be possible to download directly from “home” location.

I would like some of my family/friends to download from my server/ruTorrent but want to give them a web address so they just enter it into web browser it “Enter” and their prompt to download.

I hope this makes sense.


Have you tried the downloads tab in the main menu of your Quickbox dashboard? The link will be something like https://IP/USER.rtorrent.downloads/

@sadpanda, thank you for replying. I remember there was a section for download tab within the dashboard. But by giving the link to family/friend they would need to enter login credentials for the server in order to gain access, surely?

I just wanted to create a direct download link so files can be downloaded without having to use FTP or Torrent Clients.

There are a few ways you could approach this.
You can generate the download link and embed the user and password into it so it doesn’t prompt the “user” to enter it. Problem is the user and pass is exposed.

You could also utilise the fileshare plugin within rutorrent to generate download links that will expire after a certain time. I personally don’t use it so you may need to look into it. It is added to Quickbox though you may need to edit /srv/rutorrent/plugins/fileshare/conf.php and adjust the expire time.

Or you can create your own webdownload page without a user:pass, but that will also be exposed to the public.

The fileshare plugin is probably what your after though.

@sadpanda, Yeah I was thinking the same mate but login credentials are left exposed, something that’s really important. Fileshare plugin that means will need to upload to specific fileshare hosts , in order to download at max speed would need to have premium account with the specific file hosts.

The fileshare plugin doesn’t require you to upload it to fileshare hosts. Its a tool to generate a download link straight from your seedbox to give to someone else for a specific period of time. Take a look at this

@sadpanda, Oh wow! Just what I wanted also there’s feature for link expiration. Added bonus.
Will give it a try when I get my server setup.

Have you tried the plugin mate?

Also, I assume the download speed would be the fastest depending on the person who’s downloading it?

Actually the download speed for the user, to clarify, would be whatever the upload speed is available on your seedbox’s Internet connection (first)… then whatever the download speed is on your user’s end.

Meaning, if you have a top upload speed of 5MBps, your seedbox is using 4MBps to seed torrents to the Internet, then you have only 1MBps “free” for your “user” to download a file from you. So if your download user had a 50MBps download Internet connection, the best they could do with downloading a file from your seedbox is 1MBps (and probably less due to data overhead/etc).

If this is your home Internet connection shared with your seedbox (like I have), then you could run into trouble with your Internet surfing being a little spotty with your upload side of your Internet connection maxed out. Unless you have priorities/bandwidth limitation rules setup on your router.

@POWerSUrgeSW3, thank you for replying. Yes what you said makes more sense. It all depends on two things:-

  1. The bandwidth the file is located
  2. The bandwidth for the person who is downloading

If one of these have slow bandwidth then the other would be affected, vise versa.

Will give it a try and report back to the thread.

@steverichard92 You’re welcome. Just wanting to set realistic expectations. When I first got my file server I tried setting up an FTP site, on a 1.5MBps connection… oh it was bad with 50 users + being off of my home Internet connection!

Good luck! Hope it works out. As long as your end users understand the situation, hopefully they won’t mind letting things download overnight/for a few days (depending on file size).

@POWerSUrgeSW3, Just wanted to ask the download link is simply enter it into web address and download away without having to enter any login credentials?

From when I used it in the past, I admit it’s been awhile… I think you have a link that you can send. Unless you set an optional password… if I remember correctly. I do not currently use this option, I have gone to using another HTTPS frontend with a database of user logins.

@POWerSUrgeSW3, Nice stuff mate sounds like what I would want eventually.

Your database does every member have their own ruTorrent logins and from there you can see all the activity or something?


Actually I moved away from using the rutorrent plugin way. It was great when I was a much smaller setup with a lot fewer users. I have gone to a full frontend to be able to share all sorts of files. I have my own business Internet connection, so my ISP doesn’t really ask questions. I also have a 43U server rack in my house with a dedicated 4U RAIDed file server. I migrated to using JScape’s MFT software.

Sorry I know a little unrelated to Quickbox, but for the scale I’m running now I like it very much. Plus it has software for all OS platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows). With the ability to integrate into an Active Directory or stand along user database. Ability to do bandwidth throttling by user, user group, or for the entire JScape server.

@POWerSUrgeSW3, WOW! Sounds really interesting bro I hope you all the best with business.
I’m abit excited to test out the plugin as I never knew it ever existed or even what it was used for.
Now I know the concept behind it maybe it will be used to its full, lols