Fun way to name your servers



I can never think of names for servers and leaving the same old hostname gets so old !!!






I prefer 2 or 3 letter hostnames…just makes it easier to deal with when calling them via hostname.domain.tld


I do the exact thing. I try to keep it at 3. If I am getting DC specific and/or node specific, then I name as sb1-tor1… or sb2-fr3. etc.


I use aliases x) but yeah domains can be rather long


I use the noble gasses :slight_smile: krypton, radon, neon and xeon are all being used at the minute


If anyone ever doesn’t know what to name their server, I take the digits in the last subnet and correlate to a pokemon number and use that as a name. You’d be surprised at how many people can come up with a name after you tell them you’ll be naming it after a pokemon if they don’t choose :smiley:


You would wouldn’t you :smile:



Edit: You just gave me an idea for the hostname changer during installation :smiling_imp:


I bet you’d pick the really useless ones too, some inspiration for the next victim!


Just luck of the draw. i.e. *.*.*.134 = Pokemon 134 aka vaporeon.

Now if I ever get bored, I’ll just pull them straight from that list :smiley:


Oh boy, here we go!


hey this was my original idear!!!