FTP/SSH download speed stick at 2MB/s

i have take a vps at contabo.com
i have install quickbox and when i download files from FTP or SSH (using filezilla on windows), my download speed is stuck at 2Mo/s max, when my connexion can reach 10Mo/s
if i launch 3 download, or 4 or 5 at same time, each download reach 2Mo/s, but not more than that…

is there a quickbox setting to raise that limit ? contabo say they dont have set any :confused:

Thx !!

No quickbox does not set any speed limits or any transfer limits
things that will slow your transfer is

  1. peering being the biggest one best way to find out if this is the problem is do a traceroute/tracert anything under 15 hopes if ideal 20+ and you have problems

  2. server/home Bandwidth speeds so your home speed and the servers upload speeds this has a lot to do with it.

  3. some programs use multi segmented downloads per file meaning it cuts the file up into pieces which can show some improvement.

  4. being its a vps they might limit speeds from some ports. or the vps all together. traffic shaping common practice among providers
    also not sure what Mo/s
    but if you mean Mbit/s or MB/s.

use ftprush or cuteftp and allow 5-10 concurrent transfers, should max out your line that way.

there are more apps that allow concurrent transfers but those are the two i have used, ftprush being free and easy.

Thx for your answers, i am in contact with contabo support, i will keep you inform :slight_smile:
and it was 2MB/s (2Mo mean legaoctet in french ^^)

i will have a look at ftprush too :slight_smile:


Latest Quickbox and 100Mbit server which is working very good but my ftp speed is not going over 30-40Mbps and I have 75. I’ve tested it on another server with ftp and I am getting the full speed.
Anything I can check to see that everything is ok?