FTP server not letting me log in through my DNS link

I use filezilla on a macbook.

This picture shows my log in credentials to connect in FTP through my Home network, it lets me log in successfully with no issues whatsoever

This picture however shows my log in credentials to connect in FTP also through my Home network but using the Alternative Host DNS I got

I’m not sure with what i am doing wrong, does it only work when I am Outside of the home network or did I type in something wrong?

What do I have to type in to access my files outside of my home network?

The error code is this:

|Status: |Resolving address of belus.quickbox.io||---|---|
|Status: |Connecting to **MY IP**:5757...|
|Status: |Connection attempt failed with "ETIMEDOUT - Connection attempt timed out".|

Hello @belus

It seems logical because your server seems to be running from your LAN.

Based on your ISP settings (dynamic --> dyndns or static IP address) and your internet router configuration, you’ll need to open some ports (SSH/4747 FTP/5757) trough your firewall and redirect these ports to the IP address of your QB server. After that, you’ll need to inform QuickBox Gurus to update the DNS record of your QuickBox alias with your home IP address :slight_smile:

What do you mean with the DNS record? :slight_smile: Do I need to tell them I forwarded port 5757? I can access my QB web interface and rtorrent just fine.

belus.quickbox.io is a DNS record from quickbox.io : https://quickbox.io/services/quickbox-dns/

I just tried your your DNS record and I can see an authentification windows popup, so it seems that your server is responding to the alias. I also checked the ports 4747/5757 and they responded too. Everything seems to be OK.

Did you try with another FTP client ? : https://alternativeto.net/software/filezilla/?license=free&platform=mac

just add in your router a static dns entry or in your dns server belus.quickbox.io

so the easy fix for this is that something @PastaGringo was getting at is opening ports on your router, this will allow you to reach your local server from outside your home network.
to do this you need to log into your router and set the local ip to the DMZ this makes all the ports to the Local IP open to the outside world. note that not all ISP will allow this. also know that some ISP change your public IP so that you would need to change it in the DNS record

Hope this information helps a little if not i might have time to help a bit more but i think the rest you can use google for like
How to i set and IP to a DMZ?

Will work but only for home access.

How can we access to the dashboard/rutorrent endpoints if it’s not already configured ?