Ftp not working

i have just done a fresh install of quickbox the dashboard is working fine rtorrent etc but when i try to use ftp on port 5757 it says connection refused by server - could not connect to server
connecting using root and port 4747 works fine
this is the first time i have used git to install maybe has nothing to do with it but this has not happened before when installing quickbox

any help appreciated


It sounds like you are using sftp and not ftp

so it would seem some people’s boxes are doing the same.
the status does show a error but error is not helpful to me at least. :confused:
it just wont start the program

no sftp is working fine using port 4747 ftp is not using port 4747 it has to be an install error but i dont know where to look to fix it

no they are 2 different programs XD one is using openssh the other using vsftpd
vsftpd seems to not be starting up correctly

The moment I have time (tomorrow - not today as I am busy) I will look into this. The recent QuickBox updates do not touch VSFTP config files, but who knows. I’ll check this out, in the meantime I would suggest just using the more secure 4747. Without a doubt, if something is wrong with this a fix will be released tomorrow.

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in the meantime ill be looking if i can find solution though idk if people gonna letme have break Xd

Tomorrow I’m on! You need a break @dtech_banned. Other than your RClone service… that’s all you maniac!

thanks guys for looking into this it makes little sense to me as the configs look ok if you need them i can oblige
i use a multi user environment so 4747 is ok and works for me as sudoer but other users need 5757 without access to ssh

thanks again

any update :slight_smile:

no i have yet to find what is causing this.

The moment I get home I am going to run this on a couple of test VM.

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