French translation of QB


Would it be interesting to have some GUI elements translated in French?

I am thinking of the Dashboard ofc, but maybe some other modules could benefit from it?

Having a degree in English and some Cambridge University diplomas, I would be glad to help working on it

Sure. Any feature that helps and support user functionality is always welcome :slight_smile:

Well I am not a Git user, so I hope I’ll get notified when the file is changed so I can help translating it :roll_eyes:

Hi KRG-23

If you want, you can send to me your desired translations. I’m the french translator, but any help is welcome, i’m not graduated in English but i think my translations fits well.

Are you french ?

Yes I am from France. As far as I can tell, QB is quite well translated, but if there are some new needs, I’d be glad to help :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a Git account, don’t hesitate to send me PMs. I’ll make the modifications but i’ll credit you :wink:


Si t’as pas de compte sur Github, n’hésite pas à m’envoyer un MP ici, je te créditerais ensuite :wink: Un peu d’aide n’es pas de refus ^^

I’ve created one but I don’t have a clue on how it’s working :persevere:
I think I’ve managed to “fork” but I’m not sure what should I do after that…


Ok, j’en ai créé un mais je galère, je ne sais pas comment fonctionne Git :persevere:
Je crois que j’ai réussi à forker le dashboard maus chui pas trop sûr quoi faire après :>


90% of my QB dashboard is translated in French, what is missing ? Even the package center is in French :slight_smile:

Just giving a hand here, if there’s some new needs in further changes, I’d be glad to help :slight_smile:

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Ahhh, got it now. Me too :wink: (maybe for the brand new QB PRO)

@PastaGringo : 99% of the dashboard was translated by my hands. Why you says thats only 90% are translated ?
The next upgrade will introduce translations of “upgradeOMBI” & “upgradeSABnzbd” command. The only things i can’t traduce is “Frequency” & “Secondary Cache” from CPU Widget and buttons of the PMC widget…

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You mean there are some technical itches that prevent you from displaying the translation?

This number was not objective, I did not verify if all the QuickBox components have been translated in french. That’s why I answered to this topic to understand why QuickBox needed French translation :slight_smile:
But you are right, we are more close than 99% than 90%.

Merci for the work done @tomcdj71 :wink:

Yes, i can’t traduce the PMC (“next”, "entries, “previous” “Showing X to X of X entries” and “Search” words). If i try, i break the Dashboard. Same things with CPU widget…

@PastaGringo Thanks :slight_smile: