Forum Account lost


I previously made an account, with my email.
As far as I remember, I created it with my github account, but I can’t login again with, or reset my password.

My profile was /u/Bart.
The email associated is the one binded to the order “CC4E90” (email je***.ba***@ee)

Which possibilities do I have to recover this account?

Kind regards

User Bart last seen: 3:14 am April 24, 2017


The account I am currently using, is using this email adress.
This is a new account, made today, to post and ask for help.
( /u/Bart is the old one, /u/Bart1 is the actual one (new))

Strange. I see it on admin panel, but not in our backend.
Can you recover password?


No, I can’t recover password.
It’s saying email not found.

Are you attempting to use the proper email? The one you are using here on the Forums is jer****.bart***@fr**.fr From the looks of it, you signed up to the site using a different email address… this breaks your account from swapping to the new SSO operations by QuickBox.

I have updated your site email as well as stamped your Bart username to the account. Could you attempt to log out and back in to see if this resolves your issue?


Yes, I think I am attempting to use the proper email.
To be 100% accurate, this is the one binded one the order number CC4E90, for Guru install, the 2017-01-12.

As I said above, i’m not 100% sure, but I thought I registered the original account with my Github account.

EDIT: My email on this account seems to be now free.
Is there a way to recover the old account, or should I consider to move on with this one?