Fixhome command responding slowly?

so i mounted an additional hard drive under /home/$USERNAME/Media. it shows up and i can save stuff to it. The problem now is i’m trying to get my dashboard widget to correctly reflect the additional space so in a terminal as root i issue fixhome but it literally takes a 3 or 4 minutes to come back with a task complete status…

is that correct, should it take that long? or is my hard drive busted? oh and despite the fixhome, my widget status remains unchanged… :confused:

update: showspace takes long too

the widget will not show the space as it is not the same mount as the supported mounts

i see so no way to join them on the widget? or perhaps add an additonal usage meter below for the new drive?

yeah i been kinda wanting the same thing but its kinda a low priority might be able to bribe @JMSolo but i dont know home much $ would get him to make that posibles

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Well, you guys happen to be in luck as this is something I need to look into anyways. I’m thinking a user can fire up a function with box maybe. box install diskwidget, then you can name your mount and it will modify/create a new (additional) widget for display on the dashboard. :thinking: