[FIXED] Can't create SSL due to being behind CloudFlare - How do I fix this, or do I need to get my own ssl certificate?


I would like to put my server with QuickBox Pro on it behind CloudFlare, however Let’s Encrypt addon/plugin doesn’t create an SSL certificate due to which I preume is the IP doesn’t match the server IP.

How do I get the addon/plugin to create the SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt?

If that is not possible I can create my own yearly SSL certificate instead, which I presume I add to the Nginx config?

What around ruTorrent and Plex do I just go via the domain instead of IP


I have now fixed this by doing the following
Login to Cloudflare and go to the SSL/TLS and changed the SSL mode to Full (Strict)
Then logged into the server with the IP and used Let’s Encrypt and it worked fine.

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