Filemanager rutorrent plugin


I just noticed that you can’t create rar archives with the filemanager plugin in rutorrent. The error I was getting always came from unrar…

I checked the plugin setup and noticed this in it’s conf.php file:

$pathToExternals[‘rar’] = ‘/usr/bin/unrar’;
$pathToExternals[‘zip’] = ‘/usr/bin/zip’;
$pathToExternals[‘unzip’] = ‘/usr/bin/unzip’;
$pathToExternals[‘tar’] = ‘/bin/tar’;

changing unrar to rar fixed the issue…


Thanks for spotting that @Msan, this more than likely occurred after updating the plugins list.

I’ll do a quick check on the unrar location as well.


another thing I noticed while browsing /srv/rutorrent/plugins

each plugin has a copy of itself in it’s directory… ie:

I checked most of them and its the case for each of them…


Can anyone else confirm this? I am not seeing this issue on newly installed or updated QuickBox installs.
Not saying this is not valid, just need additional confirmation :slight_smile:


might be just a case of me updating too often LOL


It is quite possible one of those times me and you were back and forth on that one thing… something could had happened in there.


If I delete all the plugins there and do an update, will it put them back properly?


Absolutely it should. Just be prepared for anything.


ok, here goes nothing :slight_smile:


nope, didnt work…

I removed everything from inside /srv/rutorrent/plugins
ran a check for updates via the dashboard and ran
cd QuickBox; git checkout master && git pull
bash packages/system/updateQuickBox
from the commandline.

plugin dir still empty… I guess I could copy them manually over…


Oh, I thought you were going to copy them in manually to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I would do the rsync method of copying in or it may ask if you want them all there… or you could do yes | cp -rf /root/QuickBox/rtplugins/. /srv/rutorrent

Then follow that up with fixing permissions:

chown -R www-data /srv/rutorrent/*
chgrp -R www-data /srv/rutorrent/*
chmod -R g+rw /srv/rutorrent/*
sh -c 'find /srv/rutorrent/* -type d -print0 | sudo xargs -0 chmod g+s'
chmod -R 775 /srv/rutorrent/plugins/filemanager/scripts

It is interesting though that the update didn’t fill the directory. I’ll look into this immediately.


LOL, it’s ok, I copied the needed ones over and ran
bash packages/system/updateQuickBox


Ah, good good. Are they all sorted?


yup, all good. I probably have to change unrar to rar again though.
Btw, you dont need to look for the unrar entry btw, just changing unrar to rar works fine. I tested unraring and creating rars, works fine after…


Noted, we’ll have that update pushed shortly then. Thanks for checking that out. :slight_smile:


ok, I just went to fix the rar issue when I noticed the directories where doubled up again.
deleted them all again, copied them. all ok. ran
bash packages/system/updateQuickBox
and after that they where all doubled up again…


Oops! I just fixed this @Msan

My bad with the update command. Should be good now to use the updater:


No worries… thought I was going crazy there for a while :wink:


And the fix for filemanager:


it should be /usr/bin/rar not sbin