File Manager showing hidden files?


I’ve re-installed a server with QB and for some reason this time the File Manager plugin seems to be showing hidden files/folders that do not show in FTP. This hasn’t been an issue on other installs. Does anybody know a solution to make File Manager only show what FTP does as in the rwatch and torrents folders?

Settings > File Manager > Show hidden files

Thanks but I should have clarified. I know of this option but by default they should be hidden and usually are upon installation of script and then users.

On this recent install each time a user is created they default to not hidden so I’m wondering what I need to edit to make sure they’re defaulted to hidden like FTP.

Have a look in init.js

conf.php         flm.class.php  images   init.php  settings.js.php
filemanager.css  flm.php        init.js  lang      scripts      xmlfix.php

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Ah thanks, that’s what I was looking for but couldn’t locate. Found the line needed now, much appreciated. :+1:

Any ideas why it could suddenly cause it to default to true instead of false? Not seen it do this on other installs.

UPDATE: It seems latest version of script defaults to show hidden or at least it does when using the updateQuickBox command on a older setup or in my case when I’m using an older modified version and then updating from that.

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