Feedback: How should we use Twitter

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So as I am sure you are all fully aware, we have a Twitter page ( – why not give us a follow) and very much recently, we have been using our Twitter page to basically point back to our Blog Posts.

We want to start using Twitter to reach out to the community and more and get your input on this!

We’ve already made the decision to start running various polls, and cross populate the content that we post on our site over to Twitter but is there anything else that we could potentially do?

Do you have an idea about a series of tweets that could be useful or how we can help with things?

We’ve got some cool ideas coming up about a few things too that we’ll announce shortly but we really want our Twitter page to be all about you!

Or even better, do you even use Twitter and solely use Discord or another form of social media? Let us know! We would love to hear from you! You can either contact us via Twitter or speak with a staff member on Discord and we’ll help wherever we can.

This is all about you, and what you want to see and so if you have an idea, no matter how simple, complicated, unrealistic it is – then please let us know! We don’t know what you want until you tell us!