[Feature Request]Watcher 3

Hi Quickbox dream team ! :).
Like this topic say, i make you a new suggestion for add a new package to you realy good distribution !
It’s name is Watcher (V3). You can find the project on github here :

This package is an alternative to CouchPotato or Radarr more light and easy to set up. for automaticaly download movies. It would be nice if it’s possible to add it to your very nice choice of software package :).

Juste for feedback. Realy tank’s for quickbox ! I use it like 2 years now and it’s realy the best solution i find for my seedbox ! So tank’s for all you made for it !

Have a nice day :).

Great app :slight_smile: The integration doesn’t seem very complicated.

Just to know, does Watcher3 have some functionality that Radarr/CP don’t have ?

Hi pastaGringo,
Juste i can say to you what i was read on watcher review. It’s more ligth than others solution radarr/CP for the hardware server. In the last version of it, you can add “blackhole” and torrent provider with jackett. All the returns i read on it, say it’s more easier to config it. More light to add a new movie to folow with “tag” like in other solutions (ex : vostfr). I try CP/radarr and i doesn’t like this 2 solutions… i prefer sickrage / medusa (for tv show) in the idea… I hop watcher would be a good solution not to difficult to work… It’s why a suggest the integration on quickbox for try it myself if it’s not to difficult to ingrate it on quickbox :).

But you can find some review of it on the web… :slight_smile: