Feature Request: Rclone

Hi all, i figured i should help out the community an bit by creating an installer for Rclone since that is an popular tool to sync data to cloud storage. i also did an merge request as well so the code can be merged into Quickbox. as for getting rclone to show up in the package center from the dashboard i got stuck on that part. but overall doing box install rclone works just fine as well.



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there is one major problem right now with making rclone a part of QuickBox is that is is really still new and that it needs updated a lot. for the bugs they keep fixing. not saying it can not be added and that it won’t it is something we are working on. but simply saying that it will be some time before it’s added reliably.

oh ok, i agree since its always being updated, i think it would be easier for quickbox if their was an ppa / repo that someone could easily install via apt-get as well.

yeah no there lacks a reliable apt get install for rclone the best is using go to install it and that makes it install from source. which is always changing so you have to redo the rclone thing which also means unmounting things and remounting them after. because its kinda hard to use a app your removing

agreed, i mean apt-get would be an good way for updating but the maker would still have to push out each updated by hand so i would see the reason why it wouldnt be good for Quickbox.

just for now. we will figure it out. might just be something we charge to set up for people :stuck_out_tongue: lol idk

i could change the download link to the static one that is on the rclone website. http://downloads.rclone.org/rclone-current-windows-386.zip for example. then setup an cron job if needed to grab the latest version.

I would build it from source if I were you. I think with the changes that are happening, it would be a disservice to not pull from source.

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good idea to build from source

I would look at installing go 1.7…this looks good:

or I think I used:

ad then it’s just following this:

I install mine into my ~/bin/ dir and I have a script to update it as I see things I want in the repo:
go get -u -v github.com/ncw/rclone/
go get -u -v github.com/ncw/rclone

good idea, so mabey i should have the script install go first then grab the latest version of rclone while setting up an cron job on the system.

agreed. I think a cronjob would work.

The one thing I wish we(collective we) could figure out would be a way to handle the setting up of the remotes via a web interface.
You have to go to the command line, do the rclone config, create the remote, it pops up the web browser or you copy the url to your local machine and then copy back info, etc.
I think that entire process is a bit cumbersome to total newbies. Eventually this could lead to another web interface that handles cronjob management for syncing to your preferred cloud providers and mounts.

Man, the possibilities are endless…rclone talks to so many cloud providers and is so actively developed. It really is a cool project.

the problem with automating the token grab is that 1 can not run root to open browser. 2 that you would need a auto login to do the browser bs but that also needs a gui for that.
and most servers do not come with a gui lol

i guess the best we as in QuickBox could do is add in the install rclone and go and have it compile from source on install and people can update as they see needed.
then we can just make a wiki to show how to make the token and what not.

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but the token setup isnt done as root. It’s done as the end user as it creates the end user .rclone.conf file.
What if it just took your info…remote type, remote name, etc and then processed it via rclone for that end user and then “somehow” (magic) used your existing browser as some type of redirect so it pops up a 2nd window for the auth.
There HAS to be a way to do this. I’ll bet if we talked to the rclone guy he’d have an idea.

I’m going to stew on this…

i wish rclone mount worked better for uploading and was able to be used for that by apps making less work for things.

very good idea, since people installing quickbox would have admin access so they could decide to upgrade or not