Feature Request: NZBHydra

Would love to have NZBHydra added to QuickBox. For those that haven’t used NZBHydra, it’s a site that consolidates multiple NZB indexers into one location. You then connect Sonarr/Sickbeard/CouchPotato to it download NZBs. One benefit is that it’ll consolidate duplicate NZBs so that you’re not downloading the same missing files.

If developers can’t add it, I can probably write the code and send a pull request.

we shall see what we can do.
but you are more than welcome to see if you can write the script to add it to QuickBox. we encourage out community help out as there are only so much our developers can do :stuck_out_tongue: they might be gods but they are busy bodys i think both @JMSolo and @liara would agree that it would be sweet to see what you come up with the script you can see some of the other scripts we have here:

Please see my PR for adding NZBHydra. It includes install script, remove script, systemd template, and the logo. Am I missing anything?

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Looks pretty solid all around; however the dashboard is just missing the menu link and I would maybe choose a logo that will look good sitting in the menu bar. Perhaps just the hydra? Assuming these functions have been tested by you, the dashboard links should be enough to finish off the merge request.

Thanks for being the first member to contribute a package installer! :heart_eyes_cat:


You’re welcome! I’m not sure how I can test it out. Can you pull the changes into a test branch? I can test it on my server from there.

You can also just add the files on your server where the installer expects them :wink:

Scripts in /usr/local/bin/quickbox/packages/install/installpackage-nzbhyda & ../remove/removepackage-nzbhydra and the systemd template in the /root/QuickBox/system/templates/sysd/nzbhydra.template

Box is smart enough to pick up on the new additions without modification so you can test with: box install nzbhydra and box remove nzbhydra

That said, there is still a bit missing from the dashboard I forgot about in addition to the menu link (inc/panel.menu.php & inc/config.php): description in english in the translations (lang/lang_en), an add to the QBPMC gui on the dash (widgets/package_data.php & index.php) as well as service controllers (index.php & inc/config.php)

I tested the coded on a VPS and it works great. I put in 3 PRs for all the backend codes and the logo. Would you mind doing the frontend dashboard because I’m not very good with php coding?

+1! Thanks ladude626. Can’t wait until this is official.

Thanks ladude626 ,i have tried to install via your script but have run into some errors.
Could you point me in the right direction on where i can start looking to resolve it?

@strider, it would be a lot easier to provide support on your query if you’d be so kind as to post the actual error you are receiving.

@JMSolo your right would be much easier to troubleshoot!

When i run the install ( box install nzbhydra ) i get the error

sed: can’t read /home/username/.nzbhydra/settings.cfg: No such file or directory

after that if i point my browser to nzbhydra it will tell me 503 service unavailable

Yes, this is interesting. I am trying to make sense of what their update has done. Not only is it not creating the needed /home/USERNAME/.nzbhydra/settings.cfg, it is additionally not creating the needed .pid. I doubt this is a permissions or write-ability issue as everything looks correct and hasn’t been adjusted since it last worked. I’ll need to comb through their repo/docs and figure out why this is happening… the joys of including dozens of requested applications into the QB manager. :skull_crossbones:

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I have squared away the issues with NZBHydra on the initial install and can confirm that is now 100% working. I have included all the necessary actions and you can now find it available directly from your Package Management Center on your dashboard.

The recent commits responsible, if anyone is interested are here: