Feature Request: Jackett working dir

This is a small one,

Is it possible to have the script move the Jackett working directory from ~/Jackett to either ~/.Jackett or ~/.config/Jackett

Small request I know, but it’s like right there every time I ls

I’ve been using ls | grep -v Jackett as a workaround :joy:


I’ve been poking around in:

/etc/systemd/system/[email protected]

I can see the line:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -f -a -d -m -S jackett mono /home/%I/Jackett/JackettConsole.exe

If I:

mv ~/Jackett ~/.Jackett

and edit that line to the same path,

a) will it work?
b) will a qb update break it?

thanks :slight_smile:

Edit 2:
Moving & editing the service does indeed appear to work, now the question remains about updates breaking :slight_smile:

Updates shouldn’t break it as the updates will not overwrite and/or tamper with a users current working directory. True to this is also that it will not edit live systemd services. Update away my friend!

Yay :slight_smile: thanks for the info

@JMSolo I can implement this in the script if you want. Would just have to talk about transitioning old data.