Failed to add torrent. The retrieved content is not a valid torrent file

Just installed quickbox on a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 on a dedicated server. When I try to add a torrent using a browser add-on or adding the URL directly to Rutorrent and/or Deluge I get an error stating the torrent is invalid. Any idea how to correct this?

Deluge error: Not a valid torrent (pop-up)
Rutorrent error in log: Failed to add torrent. The retrieved content is not a valid torrent file.

Hello, can you give me an example of your link ?
I don’t have any problem with rarbg.

For example with this file :

I put in rutorrent this link :[].torrent

I removed the identifying words of the torrent so this is just an example. It wont work.

I just tried the link you provided and i was able to add it using the firefox extension and by manually adding the torrent url to rutorrent.

That’s strange, if you add this torrent by doing drag and drop, that work ?

I get this error. I’m using the latest Firefox browser.

Plugin filedrop: Your browser does not support HTML5 file uploads. Plugin was disabled.

Do you have the same problem with chrome ?
Firefox support for a long time the HTML5 so that’s strange…

Just to try, i don’t think that will change something but can you use another theme in rutorrent ?

Installed Chrome and tried it on that. Still no go. Also changed the theme to a few different styles and no luck.

Tried this from the servers x2go desktop and still getting the same error message. Can’t figure out what it may be. Are there any permission issues that can cause this?