External harddrives


Im running quickbox on a pc remotely. (its at my parents house). connected to the tower are 3 external hard drives, with quickbox running from a small internal drive. In hindsight i suppose i should have just broke open one of the externals and used it internally, but i didnt. anyway, my issue is that i cannot get autotools in rtorrent or any other automated movement form any of the software when the directories involve these external drives. for example, if a torrent is added to rtorrent with the label TV it downloads it /home/jason/torrents/rtorrent then automoves to a processing folder as such /home/jason/process/TV based on the label the TV is appended. But when i change the defaults to the external, it just stays put at the end of the download. so it downloads fine to /home/jason/6tb where the external is mounted but wont move to /home/jason/6tb/process/TV like it does in the home directories. I know this probably has to do with ownership but all i know how to do is chmod the folders. any advice?